Unlock this island to make a wish at the Croaking Spring.
The spring grants wishes for tokens. Make a wish.


Available with version 2.5.0 of the game (released May 18th)

   WishingWellspring MapCost

Creating Wish Tokens

On this island you will find 5 wishing jars WishingVase1, WishingVase2, WishingVase3, WishingVase4, WishingVase5.
Drop a dye into a jar to create a Wish Token :

The jars reward you with XP Goodwill each time you fill them:

  • The small jar at the bottom, Jar of Fortune WishingVase1 gives 20 Goodwill
  • The second jar, Jar of Exploration WishingVase2 gives 40 Goodwill
  • The third jar, Jar of Fate WishingVase3 gives 60 Goodwill
  • The fourth jar, Jar of Wisdom WishingVase4 gives 80 Goodwill
  • The large jar at the top, Jar of Friendship WishingVase5 gives 100 Goodwill

You will have to wait 1 hour before being able to make another Wish Token in the same jar. Or rush for 7x Gems.

Making A Wish at the Croaking Spring

A golden frog WishingFrog grants wishes in exchange for tokens! Tap on the frog to open the Wish menu. When you have enough Wish tokens you can give them to the frog in exchange for a wish:

No. of Tokens WishingExploration WishingRiches WishingMystery WishingProgession WishingPets
CoinJade 4 3 2 1
CoinSapphire 1 2 2 1
CoinRuby 1 3 5

WishingExploration Wish of Exploration

Maps to distant islands await those curious enough to make this wish.

WishingRiches Wish of Fortune

Gold or gems await those daring enough to make this wish.

  • Cost : 3x Jade TokenCoinJade, 2x Sapphire TokenCoinSapphire
  • Rewards :
    • 46,51% chance of 3000 Gold
    • 23,26% chance of 10 000 Gold
    • 4,65% chance of 30 000 Gold
    • 23,26% chance of 5 Gems
    • 2,33% chance of 50 Gems

WishingMystery Wish of Fate

A wish for those unsure what to wish for.

WishingProgession Wish of Wisdom

Experience or expansion await those wise enough to make this wish.

  • Cost : 1x Jade TokenCoinJade, 1x Sapphire TokenCoinSapphire, 3x Ruby TokenCoinRuby
  • Rewards :
    • 31,58% chance of 3000 Goodwill
    • 21,05% chance of 10 000 Goodwill
    • 5,26% chance of 30 000 Goodwill
    • 15,79% chance of 5 slots for Tree House
    • 5,26% chance of 10 slots for Tree House
    • 15,79% chance of 5 slots for WindMill
    • 5,26% chance of 10 slots for WindMill

WishingPets Wish of Friendship

A parcel of pets await those who are caring enough to make this wish.

  • Cost : 5x Ruby TokenCoinRuby
    • Rewards :
    • 55% chance of Bronze ChestPetChest bronze (1 sticker)
    • 22% chance of Gold Chest PetChest gold (3 stickers)
    • 5,5% chance of Epic Chest PetChest premium (7 stickers)
    • 1,1% chance of 2 Epic Chests PetChest premium (14 stickers)
    • 16,5% chance of 2 - 5 Primo Pet TreatsPetFood

You will have to wait 48 hours for the frog to grant your wish.
When your wish is ready, on the frog's tongue, tap the frog to collect your rewards!

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