Hello and welcome to my Paradise Bay blog! I just started my journey as a Trademaster on Paradise Bay. I downloaded the game two days ago. I  got so wrapped up in all the activities there are to do just about every second of game play that I played almost all through the night! Now that's how you judge how good a game is. Just about the same as a book. If you can't put it down, they've hit on something!

I quickly realized most people have been playing this game for about a year and a half now. The game celebrated its 1st anniversary (Happy Anniversary, Paradise Bay!) in August. 

When I first started I mainly focused on filling the orders on the trade board from the residents on the islands. That filled my coffers enough to buy the main things I needed. 

One mistake I made early on was saving up 1,500 coins for a workshop. At the time I thought I didn't have one already (I didn't pay attention to the names of the mills I used). I was very upset to know I had wasted my money prematurely. It took a few more levels to justify the purchase but now I'm happy I have 2 workshops. I mainly use one to make nets and the other for backpacks and baskets.

After I got to about the 15th level I noticed I ran into a bit of a problem making money. Once I completed the renovation of Wesley's Exports I started faring much better. At first, I chose items to sell that just didn't seem to move (grilled pineapples, pineapples, etc.). It seemed like it took me a while to figure out what sold quickly (crabs, sea glass, 10 pieces of cotton, etc). Once I figured out that rope, excess tree fruit and needles sell quick, I started going on a money-making binge! 

Now that I have Trade Fest going, Wesley's exporting business and the world market open to me I'm doing pretty good. 

This game totally enthralls me. It's PREFECT for the ADHD person because there's ALWAYS something you can do to work on your Bay. It took me a while, but I finally realized what I can so while visiting other friends' Bays. I highly recommend you hook up this game to Facebook. I found lots of my friends playing at a high level. Getting Karma is no big deal with a long list of friends to visit.

I'm currently on level 19 and am waiting for the map table to be built. It seems I made a mistake and opened up a 4k piece of land that doesn't lead anywhere. It did have a treasure chest on it so it wasn't a total loss, but I don't feel I received all the bang for my buck that I could get. Everything else around that patch of land can't be opened till I reach those levels. 

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