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  • Hollowness
    Available March 31st to April 14th, 2016. For 99 Gems.

    This tree is like nothing you’ve seen before—it changes with the seasons! During March and April, it will be in full bloom! After that, the petals will softly fall, and then it will transform into a beautiful lush green tree, quietly waiting to bloom again next year.

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  • Hollowness

    Rewards: Zen Garden, Zougu Fountain and Panda

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  • Hollowness

    Update 1.5.0!

    February 17, 2016 by Hollowness

    February 29, 2016

    Trademasters, island life is about to get even better–get ready for sunny days filled with more stories, more levels, more recipes, and new mills!

    - Take your Trademaster status to a whole new level with our new level cap increase. You can now work toward earning level 55!

    - Strengthen your relationships with islanders even more with the new friendship level increase. Hello hearts and chests!

    - Get to know the islanders better than ever with 25 brand new story missions. What kind of trouble will Finn get into next…your guess is as good as ours.

    - Sweeten your island’s air with Lavender, a brand new crop! Lavender will be used in new recipes, as well as bring a new world of color to your island!

    - Enjoy two brand new mills! Help…

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  • Hollowness

    Be prepared for LoveFest! Beginning February 10, 2016 for a week...

    Rewards: Bird Bath, Wind Chimes and Lovebirds

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  • Hollowness

    Trademasters, celebrate the Year of the Monkey with our exclusive pet and deco set!

    Available February 5-8, 2016. Includes:

    Monkey of the Year
    Monkey Bank
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