Trees and Bushes Types

Tree/Bussh Level Grow time Cost Eternal Cost Product Harv Nb
Coconut Tree
10 6 h 250 200/300/400 CoconutCoconut 4
Lemon Tree
13 12 h 250 200/300/400 LemonLemon 4
Pomegranate Tree
15 16 h 300 200/300/400 PomegranatePomegranate 4
Chili Bush
20 12 h 350 200/300/400 Chili PepperChili 4
Blueberry Bush
23 24 h 350 200/300/400 BlueberriesBlueberries 4
Cacao Tree
34 24 h 400 200/300/400 CacaoCacao 4
Rose Bush
36 24 h 400 200/300/400 RoseRose 4
Magnolia Tree
40 24 h 400 200/300/400 Magnolia BlossomsMagnolia 4
Mango Tree
46 24 h 400 200/300/400 MangoMango 4
Banana Tree
56 24 h 400 200/300/400 BananaBanana 4

Normal Trees and Bushes


You can only place 3 normal trees or bushes (purchased with Gold) per type at a time, but you can place one more (purchased with Etoile Prestige) - see "Extra Trees and Bushes" below.

When trees and bushes are ready to be harvested they will begin to sparkle. When tapped a scroll will open containing a machete. Beside the name of the plant will be a number that represents the number of harvests left before the plant will need to be replaced.

After 4 harvests the bush or tree will die and need to be replaced. A dead tree requires an AxeToolAxe and a dead bush requires ShearsToolHedgeTrimmers to be removed.

Eternal Trees and Bushes

All trees have an eternal version (5,000,000 crops) but currently only Eternal Coconut, Lemon and Cacao trees, and Blueberry bushes are available. Eternal trees/bushes never die and you can combine them with normal trees/bushes for a total of 6 trees or bushes per type (3 normal + 3 Eternal).

You can purchase Eternal trees and bushes from the Build Menu (crate tab) using Gems. Prices are 200, 300 then 400 Gems.

Eternal trees and bushes are differentiated by a white stone border marked with a winged purple gem.

Extra Trees and Bushes

There are two ways to get extra trees and bushes on your island: Seal Dives and Prestige stars Etoile Prestige.

Trees and bushes can occasionally be rewards on your weekly Seal Dives or from other reward sources. These extra plants are stored in your build menu. They can be planted immediately and give you extra plants beyond the normal limitation of 6 trees or bushes per type (3 normal + 3 Eternal), but when they die they cannot be replanted and the limit returns to normal.

In the Prestige shop at the Bazaar you can purchase additional normal trees and bushes for 5 Etoile Prestige each. They can be planted immediately and give you one extra plant beyond the normal limitation of 6 trees or bushes per type (3 normal + 3 Eternal). When a normal tree dies it can be replaced with a tree/bush purchased with Gold (1st 2nd or 3rd only) or one purchased with Etoile Prestige (1st 2nd 3rd or 4th).

Tip: Aim to have a high number of harvests remaining on your normal trees/bushes before buying a 4th tree/bush from the Bazaar with Etoile Prestige to maximise the benefit. For example: if you have only 1 harvest left on a tree (when you have three) and you purchase a 4th tree from the Bazaar, after that last harvest you will only be able to replace it with another one from the Bazaar, costing another 5 Etoile Prestige !


  Crop/Harvestable  Level   Time   Source   Exp
10 Goodwill 6h Clock Coconut TreeCoconutTree 8 Goodwill 12 Gold 20 Gold 29 Gold 
13 Goodwill 12h Clock Lemon TreeLemonTree 11 Goodwill 16 Gold 28 Gold 42 Gold 
15 Goodwill 16h Clock Pomegranate TreePomegranateTree 13 Goodwill 19 Gold 32 Gold 47 Gold 
 Chili Pepper
20 Goodwill 12h Clock Chili BushChiliBush 14 Goodwill 20 Gold 34 Gold 51 Gold 
23 Goodwill 24h Clock Blueberry BushBlueberryBush 16 Goodwill 23 Gold 39 Gold 59 Gold 
34 Goodwill 24h Clock Cacao TreeCacaoTree 16 Goodwill 23 Gold 39 Gold 59 Gold 
36 Goodwill 24h Clock Rose BushRoseBush 16 Goodwill 23 Gold 39 Gold 59 Gold 
 Magnolia Blossoms
40 Goodwill 24h Clock Magnolia TreeMagnoliaTree 16 Goodwill 23 Gold 39 Gold 59 Gold 
46 Goodwill 24h Clock Mango TreeMangoTree 16 Goodwill 23 Gold 39 Gold 59 Gold 
56 Goodwill 24 h Clock Banana TreeBananaTree 16 Goodwill 23 Gold 39 Gold 59 Gold 







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