TradeFest is a week long Limited Timed trading event hosted by Horatio Jasper

Next TradeFest starts August 1st at 18h BST (GMT+1)

Tradefeststage1 Tradefeststage2 Tradefeststage3

Event Title : 'Welcome to the August TradeFest'
Win TradeFest and take home the Grand Prize : a Blue DolphinDolphin
There will be an additional 8 hours to complete this TradeFest, so 7 days and 8 hours in total !

At the end of classic 7 tiers there are bonus challenges : up to 43 more tiers (500 Reputation each time) with possible rewards of Stickers, Prestige or Map Pieces !

Bonus tiers are the main way to obtain Shelly Giant Clam stickers, although they are sometimes offered as specific tier prizes also.

Promo Clam en

Level Required to participate

You must be Level 16 or above.

Dedicated resource

Reputation : Friendship level with Horatio Jasper Horatio

August TradeFest: The Grand Prize

A Blue DolphinDolphin

August TradeFest: The 7 Tiers

Chart Goal/reward by level

Tier n° Reputation to obtain with Horatio Rewards
1 40 Reputation 3x PearlsPearl, 10 Social
2 80 Reputation 5x PulleyUpgrade-Pulley, 20 Social
3 160 Reputation Beach BallDeco Beach Ball, 40 Social
4 320 Reputation 3x Primo Pet TreatsPetFood, 80 Social
5 640 Reputation Dolphin Sand SculptureDeco Sand Sculpture, 160 Social
6 1040 Reputation 3x Sticker Giant Clam, 260 Social
7 1640 Reputation A Blue DolphinDolphin , 410 Social
8 to 50 500 Reputation Bonus : stickers, Etoile Prestige, Primo Pet TreatsPetFood, or map pieces, 125 Social



1) Complete Horatio’s challenges to advance through the tiers and get the rewards he’s offering. When you complete these tasks, your “Current Goal” bar will increase.
2) There are 7 total tiers to complete. With each new tier, you’ll get a better reward, culminating in the Grand Prize!
3) Once you fill the Current Goal bar, tap on Viewrewardsbutton to collect the prize!
You can also wait for the end of Tradefest to collect them to avoid filling the Treehouse's storage.

4) Indicates your progress on the tasks you’re doing.
5) If you can’t complete a task, you can choose to cancel it and exchange it for a new task. A new one will appear after 1 hour.
6) A Gold task indicates that it takes higher skill to complete. Gold tasks are timed and you can not trash them, you must wait for the timer to expire to get a new task. They give higher points and will help you fill your Current Goal bar faster!

If you complete all of Horatio’s challenges to Tier 7, you will be rewarded with a super special prize!


Completing Tasks

If you see Horatio’s icon, it means you have completed a task, and you can claim a reward!



Types of Challenges

*The challenge may be: Harvest or Make/Collect a Recipe, a grayed out silhouette of the item is shown and you must identify it and complete the task.


Have Dock and Trade Post trades ready but hold out on trading till Horatio asks for it. Also Full Inventory Stacking, can be very useful in this Event. These can give you an edge for Timed Challenges as well as making sure your trades are used to their full advantage!

Challenge Chances:

  • Trade Post or Dock trade 40%
  • Collect Resource Challenge 20%
  • Have in stock Challenge 20%
  • Timed Challenge 10%
  • Mystery/Riddle Challenge 10%


Cancelling a challenge is similar to Trade Post trades, you can cancel a challenge but you must wait 1 hour to get a new one (with the possibility of paying Gems to Rush). Except for Timed Challenges, which you must complete or wait for the timer to run out before getting a new task.

Difficulty Levels:

Types 1 to 3 Challenges have 3 levels of difficulty and are chosen at random:

  • Level 1 difficulty: 69%
  • Level 2 difficulty: 23%
  • Level 3 difficulty: 8%

The Type and Level are randomly selected and the resource among the 104 possible resources (limited to the resources available at your level).

Past Tradefest Rewards


July 2017: Tiger SharkTigerShark, Tiger Stripe TreeDeco Tigershark Tree, Orca Boat WreckDeco Tigershark Boat
Anniversary TradeFest (July 2017): Retro pet habitat decor (Beautiful BirdbathDeco BirdBath, Passionate PlanterDeco WindChimes, Zen GardenDeco Pagoda, Zougu FountainDeco Stone Panda, Carrot PatchDeco CarrotPatch, Eggster BasketDeco EasterBasket) and stickers for PandaPanda, BunnyBunny, LovebirdsLoveBirds and/or Rooster of the YearRooster
June 2017: Manta RayMantaRay, Manta RugDeco Manta Rug, Manta KiteDeco Manta Kite

May 2017 : JukeboxDeco Jukebox, Gumball MachineDeco Gumball, Diner's TableDeco Seagull Diner
April 2017 : Baby ChicksBaby Chicks, 6 musical eggs
March 2017 : Orange HedgehogHedgehog Orange, Hedge-hogDeco Hedgehog orange, Pot o' GoldenrodDeco PotOGold
February 2017 : Te Amos FlamingosFlamingos, Incense VaseDeco Love Incense, Lover's TikiDeco Tiki Rose
January 2017 : Kingpin PenguinPenguin, Ice HockeyDeco Ice Hockey, Chilled PenguinDeco Chilled Penguin


December 2016 : Polar BrrrPolar Bear, Ice SculptureDeco IceBear, Floating Frozen FossilDeco IceFossil
November 2016 : Wild TurkeyTurkey, CornucopiaDeco Cornacopia, Turkey KiteDeco Turkey Kite
October 2016 : cancelled TradeFest, PantherPanther can be obtained at Ghost Ship Cove, and Gnome Leaf BlowerDeco Gnome Leaf Blower not available
September 2016 : PlaidypusPlatypus,Stuffed PlatypusDeco Platypus Stuffed, Sunflower PlanterDeco Platypus Flowers
August 2016 : Happy HippoHippopotame, Hippo River MouthDeco Lazy River Mouth, Hippo River BodyDeco Lazy River Body, Hippo River DrainDeco Lazy River Drain
Jully 2016 : SharkShark, Rescue RingDeco Rescue Ring, Shark SignDeco Shark Sign
June 2016 : KoalaKoala, Eucalyptus Leaf PointDeco LeafTop, Eucalyptus Leaf StemDeco LeafBottom
May 2016 : OrcaOrca, Seal FloatyDeco SealFloaty, Totem PolesDeco TotemPoles
April 2016 : BunnyBunny, Carrot PatchDeco CarrotPatch, Eggster BasketDeco EasterBasket
March 2016 : PandaPanda, Zen GardenDeco Pagoda, Zougu FountainDeco Stone Panda
Lovefest February : LovebirdsLoveBirds, Beautiful BirdbathDeco BirdBath, Passionate PlanterDeco WindChimes
January 2016 : Queen CrabQueenCrab


December 2015 : Pretty Pretty PeacockPeacock

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