Makes Hats

The Happy Hatter is a Mill unlocked at Level 54 and that costs 200,000 Gold
Construction time : 24 hours.

Bazaar Recipes for this Mill

Recipe Sun Hat Sun Hat Recipe

Recipe TopHat TopHat Recipe

Items that can be made

Item Lev Goodwill Time Clock Ingredients Sell price Gold
Min Def Max
Pirate Hat
54 1h 3 Cloth Cloth
Needle Needle
40 69 137
Sun Hat
Sun Hat
54 1 h 2 Bamboo Bamboo
2 Cloth Cloth
21 36 72
56 1 h 2x Cloth Cloth
2x Needle Needle
48 84 167
60 1 h 1x Needle Needle
3x Cloth Cloth
1x Rose Rose
50 87 174

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