Makes Baked Goods

Tasty Bakery is a Mill unlocked at Level 36 and that costs 60,000 Gold
Construction time : 24 hours.

Items that can be made

Item Lev Goodwill Time Clock Ingredients Sell price Gold
Min Def Max
Blueberry Pie
BlueberryPie Shadow
36 3h 1x Sugar Cane SugarCane

2x Wheat Wheat
3x Blueberries Blueberries

68 119 239
Chocolate Chip Cookie
ChocolateChipCookies Shadow
37 1h 1x Sugar Cane SugarCane

1x Cacao Cacao
2x Wheat Wheat
1x Vanilla Vanilla

44 76 152
Dark Chocolate
DarkChocolate Shadow
40 2h 1x Honey HoneyBucket

3x Cacao Cacao
1x Vanilla Vanilla

74 128 256
Sryup Shadow
42 2h 1x Bottle Bottle

2x Sap SapBucket

95 166 331
Pineapple Cake
Pineapple Cake
PineappleCake Shadow
58 6 h 6x Pineapple Pineapple

4x Wheat Wheat
2x Honey HoneyBucket
1x Coconut Milk CoconutMilk

132 231 461
Grape Tart
Grape Tart
Grape Tart Shadow
69 1h 3x Grapes Grapes

1x Sugar Cane SugarCane
1x Wheat Wheat

38 66 132

Special recipe only available during Halloween 2016:

Item Lev Goodwill Time Clock Ingredients Sell price Gold
Min Def Max
Pumpkin Pie
31 45 min 8x PumpkinPumpkin
3x WheatWheat
1x VanillaVanilla
315 550 739

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