Make it a sunny day! Complete daily challenges and earn rewards!

A new mini-game is being developed!
This mini-game is currently under beta test by a group of players chosen randomly by King.

Sunshine Challenges will be similar to Horatio Jasper's demands during TradeFest. There will be 3 panels, each one giving a challenge to be completed by midnight (1800h in Paris, other times for different countries).

Each challenge is chosen at random from more than 60 possible options, divided into 3 difficulty levels - easy, medium and hard.

Sunshine chalenge 1

Once a challenge is completed (blue check mark) you will be able to collect the reward displayed on the panel:

Sunshine chalenge 1 finished

Sunshine chalenge 1 validated

An indicator on the Level progress bar will show when challenges have been completed.

Sunshine star dock empty

Sunshine stardock 1 challenge full

List of possible Sunshine Challenge types

  • Harvesting from fields
  • Harvesting from moles
  • Harvesting from sloths
  • Harvesting from turtles
  • Harvesting from otters
  • Collecting items from mills
  • Completing Boat orders
  • Completing Trade Post orders
  • Earning Tradefest experience
  • Placing harvesters (moles, sloths, turtles, otters)
  • Planting trees/bushes
  • Building mills
  • Repairing special locations (e.g. World Market, Map Table etc)
  • Feeding animals/pets
  • Tapping wildlife
  • Starting seal dives
  • Making sales at the docks
  • Opening caves
  • Expanding Treehouse or Windmill storage
  • Expanding Docks
  • Buying plots of land
  • Unlocking islands
  • Levelling Up
  • Shopping at the World Market?
  • Buying items from neighbouring islands?
  • Buying items at the Bazaar?

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