Makes Delicious Soups

Soup Pot is a Mill unlocked at Level 18 and that costs 2,000 Gold
Construction time : 15 hours.

Bazaar Recipes for this Mill

Fish Stew RecipeRecipe FishStew

Items that can be made

Item Lev Goodwill Time Clock Ingredients Sell price Gold
Min Def Max
Crab Stew
CrabStew Shadow
18 1 h 2x Crab CrabNet

1x Coconut Coconut

31 54 109
Fish Stew
FishStew Shadow
19 1h30 2x Fish Fish

1x Lemon Lemon

34 58 116
Spicy Fish Stew
SpicyFishStew Shadow
25 2h 2x Fish Fish

1x Lemon Lemon
1x Chili Pepper Chili

44 77 154
Seaweed Soup
SeaweedSoup Shadow
35 3h 3x Seaweed SeaweedBasket

2x Mushrooms MushroomBasket
2x Bamboo Bamboo

93 162 325
Shrimp Soup
Shrimp soup
Shrimp soup Shadow
71 30 min 2x Shrimp Shrimp

4x Rice Rice
1x Coconut Milk CoconutMilk
1x Lemon Lemon

47 81 162

Special recipe only available during Halloween 2016:

Item Lev Goodwill Time Clock Ingredients Sell price Gold
Min Def Max
Pumpkin Soup
20 6 hours 6x PumpkinPumpkin
1x Coconut MilkCoconutMilk
1x Chili PepperChili
325 568 764

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