Treasure Sites are a great way to earn rare items and collect special rewards using your seal divers.

Treasure Sites unlock at level 20, and are limited-time areas (16 hours) that randomly appear around your island and your friend’s islands every 6 days and 20 hours.

Dive building
Tier Number of


Cost Duration Speed up time

per helper

Total speed up time*
1 4 100Gold 4mClock 30sClock 2m 30sClock
2 3 250Gold 30mClock 5mClock 25mClock
3 2 500Gold 3hClock 10mClock 50mClock
4 1 1500Gold 6hClock 20mClock 1h 40mClock
*If you have a total of 5 helpers.

Deeper dives give better rewards. You'll be able to progress to a deeper tier when you've collected all rewards from the current tier. Deeper dives also take longer and cost more. You can use Gems to speed up or connect with Game Center and Facebook so your friends can speed up your dives! Only 5 friends can help at one time and the total time duration is 16 hours.

Helping your friends is easy and worthwhile! You’ll have one seal diver for yourself and one to help others. Use your friends list to visit friends’ islands and search for treasure sites. If you find one in progress, you can use your assist diver to help speed up your friend's dive!

Helping Dives Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4
Helping Cost 100Gold 200Gold 300Gold 500Gold
Reward 50Gold, 15 Social, 11% chance of 1xGems or 44,5% of Pearl or 44,5% of clearing tools 100Gold, 25 Social, 9,8% chance of 2xGems or 11,8% of storage upgrade or 39,2% of clearing tools or 39,2% of Pearl 150Gold, 100 Social, 9,8% chance of 2xGems or 11,8% of storage upgrade or 39,2% of clearing tools or 39,2% of Pearl 200Gold, 200 Social, 17,9% chance of 3xGems or 10,7% of storage upgrade or 35,7% of clearing tools or 35,7% of Pearl

Your seals live in the Seal House. Be sure to visit them here and collect the rewards you've earned for helping your friends!

Your seals live in the house of seals. Go visit them and collect your rewards you have earned by helping your friends!

Gems Gems
ToolAxe Axe
ToolHedgeTrimmers Shears
ToolSledgehammer Sledgehammer
Pearl Pearls
CoconutTree Trees and Bushes
Sunfish Sunfish
RainbowFruit Rainbow Fruit
Root beer Root Beer
GoldenFleece Golden Fleece
ScrapOfPaper Scrap of Paper
InkedRemnants Inked Remnants
Upgrade-Gear Gear
Upgrade-Pulley Pulley
Upgrade-SupportBeam Support Beam
Upgrade-Crate Crates
Upgrade-Stilt Treehouse Stilt
Upgrade-Steps Treehouse Stairs

Jade Jade


This item is no longer available. It was replaced by the sticker system.


This item was previously used for purchasing pets. After the sticker system was introduced it could be used for purchasing stickers and making flowers in combination with Platinum for Bazaar Pet purchases until the supply was exhausted from your storage.
Sapphire Sapphire
Ruby Ruby
DyeGreen Green Dye
DyeBlue Blue Dye
Tier 3 Only:
Platinum Platinum

Tier 3 and 4 Only:
PetFood Primo Pet Treats

Tier 4 Only:
MapKey Map Key
DyeRed Red Dye
JadeFlower Jade Flower
SapphireFlower Sapphire Flower
RubyFlower Ruby Flower
Decoration Rewards:
Tier 1 Only:
DecorationCrateAndBarrels Crate & Barrels
DecorationRuinsPillar Stone Pillar
DecorationFishingTackle Fishing Tackle
DecorationRuinsTikiHead Tiki Head
DecorationRuinsFishStatue Fish Statue
Tier 4 Only:
DecorationFishFountain Fish Fountain
DecorationPirateSignpost Sign Post
DecorationTikiLamp Tiki Lamp
DecorationVolcanoAnchor Anchor
DecorationTurtleBeacon Floating Toy Turtle
DecorationPufferFish Puffer Fish

The above is Quoted in part or full directly from the Official Paradise Bay FAQ

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