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The Sanctuary

It is located on the volcanic part of your island. Here you can adopt a pet and unlock the ranks of pet evolution.
Once inside it has 3 tabs, one per pet category :

  • PetTab1 Bronze/Normal Category (Bazaar and neighboring islands's pets):
PetSanctuary tab1
  • PetTab2 Silver/Tradefest Category (Tradefest's pets)
PetSanctuary tab2
  • PetTab3 Gold/Promo Category (Promotional's pets)
PetSanctuary tab3
  • PetTab4 Epic Category (not available)

  • If you click an animal in a tab, two options are available from the button (subject to possession of sufficient amount of stickers) :
    • Adopt : if you do not own the pet
    • Upgrade Pet : to unlock its evolution Rank

  • Pet TabShop Pet Sticker Shop (buy pet stickers with gems)
    • you can buy, using Gems or Pet Tickets, chests that contain 1-7 stickers (no particular animals, it's random!) :
      • PetChest bronze Bronze Chest, 75 Gems or 1x Bronze Pet TicketBronze Ticket : 1 draw of a single sticker
      • PetChest gold Gold Chest, 160 Gems : 1 draw of a single sticker, then a second draw of 2 stickers (3 stickers in total)
      • PetChest premium Epic Chest, 275 Gems or 1x Epic Pet TicketPremium Ticket: 2 draws of a single sticker, then a draw of 2 stickers, and finally a draw of 3 stickers (7 stickers in total)

Note: Table updated on 2018, January 18nd
PB Pet Stickers Table


Stickers are available from dock trades, daily chests, sticker shop chests, chests in 3rd slot of Storage Islets, Relic Ruins, Ghost Ship Cove, Adventuring Ship, Wishing Wellspring Island, TradeFest bonus tiers, and seal dives.
Stickers are specific to each animal and randomly distributed.
They are used to adopt a pet first and unlock the evolutionary ranks after.

Bronze/Normal Category

Sticker monkey Sticker monkeyorange Sticker seahorsebrown Sticker seahorsepurple Sticker tapirblue Sticker tapirpink Sticker pelican Sticker chameleon Sticker Monkey Ghost

Silver/Tradefest Category

Sticker peacock Sticker queencrab Sticker lovebirds Sticker panda Sticker bunny Sticker orca Sticker koala Sticker shark Sticker hippo Sticker pladypus Sticker Hedgehog Orange Sticker turkey Sticker PolarBear Sticker Penguin Sticker flamingos Sticker Baby Chicks Sticker Giant Clam Sticker MantaRay Sticker Tiger Shark Sticker Dolphin Sticker Lama Sticker bat Sticker Snowy Owl Sticker Cuttlefish Sticker Arctic Fox Sticker White Tiger Sticker Flying Squirrel Valentine

Gold Promo Category

Sticker kingCrab Sticker yearmonkey Sticker kraken Sticker tiger Sticker giraffe Sticker GhostBird Sticker Panther Sticker Red Panda Sticker kiwi Sticker Rooster Sticker tortoise Sticker Flying Squirrel Sticker Prissy Pooch Sticker Piggy Sticker Walrus Resource sticker shiba

Stickers and Ranks

The stickers are used first to adopt a pet you don't own (Bazaar, Festival or promotional) and after to unlock their Rank evolution.

  • 1st Rank (relationship level 1 to 5) :

It takes an initial amount of pet stickers to be able to adopt. Feed him and it will evolve to relationship Level 5 (max of 1st Rank)

  • 2nd Rank (relationship level 6 to 10) :

It then takes a second amount of pet stickers to unlock its development beyond the level of relationship level 5 in order to make him reach the level 10 (max of 2nd Rank)

  • 3rd Rank (relationship level 11 to 15) :

Finally, you need a third amount of animal stickers to unlock its evolution beyond level 10 in order to make him reach the relationship level 15 (max of 3rd Rank).

Table of quantity of stickers for each pet category

  • PetTab1 Bronze/Normal Category :
Stickers needed
to level unlock
Unlocked Rank
to the Pet Sanctuary
1 2 3
Stickers quantity 5 (adopt) 15 45
  • PetTab2 Silver/Tradefest Category :
Stickers needed
to level unlock
Unlocked Rank
to the Pet Sanctuary
1 2 3
Stickers quantity 10 (adopt) 20 50
Stickers quantity for Shelly 15 (adopt) 25 55
Stickers quantity for Cuddles 30 (adopt) TBC TBC
Stickers quantity for Arctic Fox 35 (adopt) 30 35
  • PetTab3 Gold/Promo Category :
Stickers needed
to level unlock
Unlocked Rank
to the Pet Sanctuary
1 2 3
Stickers quantity 15 (adopt) 25 55
Stickers quantity for
Panther and Red Panda
10 (adoption) 20 50
Stickers quantity for baby Kraken 25 (adoption) 50 75
Stickers quantity for Tortoise Oasis and Shih Tzu 50 (adoption) 100 150
Keani Full Anniversary

Stickers for baby Kraken and Tortoise Oasis are no longer available at Adventuring Ship, HMS Bravado rewards only with Shih Tzu stickers since Sep 22nd 2017