Found by turtles and otters and in treasure chests. Used to purchase items at the Bazaar.


Save at least 4 Pearls for the first Bazaar Recipe, even if you have not yet unlocked the Bazaar. Also, try to have 12 Pearls in your storage at all times, so you are never short for buying your next recipe!

How to get

These are rare resources obtained by opening Treasure Chests, diving at Treasure Sites, and occasionally when harvesting items from Turtle and Otter as well as tapping Clams, other Wildlife and feeding Pets.

Unlike most other currencies Pearls can sometimes be found for sale in the World Market.

Pearls can be offered in trade for Windmill or Treehouse Expansion Materials at Great Crate Islet, Steppin' Stairs Islet, Perfect Pulley Islet, or Windy Windmill Islet after relationship level 5 is reached.


Pearl Drop Rates

Turtle and Otter

Level 1-8 Level 9-17 Level 18 - 25 Level 26-50
0% 4% 3% 2%


Source Chance
Pet Reward 10.51 - 40%


Type Reward 1 Reward 2*
Clam 8.3075% N/A
Treasure Crab N/A 3%
Butterflies, Frog, Hermit Crab,

Jellyfish, School of Fish and Starfish

0.003% 0.0102%
*There is two categories of rewards with Wildlife and it is possible to receive from both, one or the other or neither.