The game's past events:


May :

  • May 26th to 30th : A special dive event for the Banana StandDeco Banana Stand
  • From May 26th to 28th: Map Event - more map boats, more map rewards, double points at Carl's Cabin, sometimes more stickers from the Adventuring Ship
  • From May 23rd, for 15 days, 10 Panther stickers will be available in Trade Panel 3 at Ghost Ship Cove for 15x Ghost Doublon
  • May 18th to 21st: Pet Sticker Event: Earn more pet stickers form boat orders! For a limited time dock orders will award more and rarer pet stickers!
  • May 18th: Maximum storage for treehouse and windmill increased from 720 to 1,020..!
  • May 18th: Another island is come out : Wishing Wellspring Island : Island wishingwell
    • Unlock this island to make a wish at the Croaking Spring.
    • Use dyes to create Wish Tokens and give them to the frog in exchange for wishes.
    • WishingExploration Wish of Exploration, WishingProgession Wish of Wisdom, WishingMystery Wish of Fate, WishingPets Wish of Friendship, WishingRiches Wish of Fortune
  • May 18th: Pet Information Cards showing details of a pet's rank, possible rewards for feeding, and where to find stickers. Accessible from each Pet and the Pet Sanctuary.
  • May 12th to May 14th: Special Mill Mastery event - accumulated time of collected items is doubled, and gem-rush cost is halved.
  • From May 8th, for 15 days, 10 Panther stickers will be available in Trade Panel 3 at Ghost Ship Cove for 15x Ghost Doublon
  • The May TradeFest starts May 4th at 18h BST (GMT+1). Win 3 diner decorations including the JukeboxDeco Jukebox.
  • Kibble Cafe mills - get delicious pet treats for you and your friends, share with your fellow Trademasters. This feature is currently under beta test by a group of players chosen randomly by King.
  • The Kiwi pet is now available in the Pet Sanctuary. Collect stickers from sticker chests (Sticker Shop or storage upgrade islets).
  • Special It's Raining Doubloons! event for 3 days from May 2nd.

April :

  • A special dive event to win the Spring Gnome decoration. Deco Gnome Spring
  • A great Easter event: the Grand Egg Hunt from April 13th to April 30th. Help Finn build a Grand Egg Basket (using baskets, coconut milk, blueberries, dark chocolate, lanterns and Bountiful Baskets) and win exclusive decorations - fence, gates, path, planters, torch, rabbit statues - along the way (similar to Friend-Ship or Gingerbread House). The social currency will be Jelly BeansJelly Beans. Jelly Bean Trees will be available for 30Gems each and will remain as decor items after 6 harvests. Collect Exquisite Eggs SpringEvent Egg which can be used to purchase the special items at the Bazaar.
  • From April 8th, for 1 month, the Book of SecretsLost Journal will be available in Trade Panel 3 at Ghost Ship Cove for 30x Ghost Doublon, but only if you did not buy it the first time round. Otherwise you will be offered Ghostly Treasure for 1x Ghost Doublon.
  • April 2nd: The April TradeFest with grand prize Baby Chicks and 6 musical eggs.

March :

  • From March 31st (19h BST / GMT+1) to April 2nd A new event "Relic Ruins Frenzy".
    • Event is mainly to help players find more relic pieces to complete relics
    • A silver chest will be available at the Bazaar for 2500 Social, during the event, which contains a sticker and 1 to 3 tool(s). Sticker could be any of the animals except PantherPanther, Red PandaRed Panda, Tortoise OasisTortoise, Rooster of the YearRooster and ShellyGiant Clam !
  • On March 17th the new version 2.4 of the game was released with :

Sweet Jams Sweet Jams and a new Chili Mango Marmalade Recipe Recipe Chili Mango Marmalade at the Bazaar

February :

  • from February 25th to March 31st : an exclusive decoration, the Winter TreeDeco Winter Tree
  • Feb 24th to March 1st : Special "Friend-Ship Dive Event" with a new "Lovebird Fountain" decoration as a final dive prize : Deco LoveBird Fountain
  • Feb 17th to March 1st : Friend-Ship Event ( see official forum post)
    Deco FriendShip Boat
  • With the Friend-Ship a Limited Time Friendly Flowers PotFriendShip Resource decoration for 30 Gems each
  • Feb 7th to March 8th : A mimi-game about the Book of Secrets, available at Ghost Ship Cove for 30 Ghost Doublon. Search for the Sacred Chalice, dig for gold, and trade for Crystal Monkey skulls!

  • New artifact on Relic Ruins :

Find the pieces of Tyrannosaurus Rex, see here : Relic Ruins

Deco Relic Dinosaur2

January :

4 new islets : See Steppin' Stairs Islet, Great Crate Islet, Perfect Pulley Islet and Windy Windmill Islet

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