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Welcome to Paradise Bay Fan Wiki
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Welcome to Paradise Bay Fan Wiki Trademasters !

Last Wiki update : Currency, Storage, Autumn Tree, Characters Levels Chart, Main Island map with regions and costs (at the end of the page) Your Island
In November :

  • November Tradefest : the pet will be a Turkey
  • The Black Panther Panther portrait is available for 20 doubloons at GhostShip Tradepost

What's happened in October (Halloween)

  • Storages upgrade you can now stock 700 (+20 by special dive) on each storage
  • new decorations : the Autumn Tree (released Oct, 30), a spooky tree, a pumpkin pet, a Frankenstein Tiki, a Ghost Scarecrow....
  • a new island : The Ghost Ship GhostShip, his captain Avatar GhostCaptain, Captain pet (friendship reward) the Ghost Bird GhostBird portrait and it's petfood GhostShip Pet Food

Relic Island :
Grab the thirty shards for the Jacal Vault, see here : Relic Ruins

Deco RelicPyramid

Next Tradefest pets :

  • December : Polar Bear or Red Panda
  • January : Penguin
  • February : Flamingo

In the futur :

  • Boost icon
    a new rank system on Mills the Mastery Mode see here Mastery Mode
  • a promotional turtle : Painted Turtle Turtle painted
  • the next Relic at Relic Ruins : a another dinosaurus : Deco Relic Dinosaur2

  • some new decorations :

Deco AsianBench Deco AsianLantern Deco Fence AsianGate Deco PathAsian Deco BambooWell Deco BeachWave Deco FlowerTurtle Deco Fence AsianStraight

A Promo pet unlockable at Pet Sanctuary :
after the Golden Tiger Tiger Portrait,
the Giraffe Giraffe portrait
Next at the Pet Sanctuary :
Hedgehog Hedgehog Brown portrait, Giant Clam Giant Clam portrait
As lack of time for me and with no admin (a person who know well Wikia structure and usage) for the english part (thanks a lot for people doing spelling/typing corrections !), this wiki will not be updated often, latest news must be taken from french part :
sorry for inconvenience

Other Games
Active Saga games:

Active games:

Retired games:
  • Bubble Saga
  • Hoop De Loop Saga

  • King Gold Games
  • Mahjong Saga

  • Miner Speed
  • Puzzle Saga


Latest activity

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