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Welcome TradeMasters to the Paradise Bay Wiki !

Latest wiki modifications : Book of Secrets, Summer Sandcastle, Tradefest, Wishing Wellspring Island, Kibble Cafe, Sunshine Challenges, Mastery Mode, Mills
A very very big thanks to Shrippers [1] who start updating this wiki ! and to ChildOfAtom [2] who make corrections and more to the wiki. Good Job !

Soon (or not... ;) ) :

  • Another island is coming : Hickory Falls, Bring home treats for friends, family, or trading.
    • Its exclusive decor : Hickory Falls Gourmet Table
    • Its character : Mozzarella, and his motto Cheese is Love. Cheese is Life.
  • 3 new decorations : The Seagull band - drummer, guitarist and xylophonist!
  • 2 new musical eggs, Si and Do
  • Sunshine Challenges, a new mini-game with challenges every day at 17h (GMT), with 3 difficulty levels, you will harvest, feed, upgrade docks or storage, buy at the Bazaar, do Tradepost or Boat orders, etc. This mini-game is currently under beta test by a group of players chosen randomly by King.
  • other Pets : Tiger-Shark, Brown Hedgehog, Flying Squirrel, White Tiger...
  • More new decorations :Deco BeachWaveWaterSlide

Preview :
Caution - Not yet available !

  • The third Epic decor : Dig Site Dig Site Preview

Rewards for the next TradeFest :

  • July :
    • Pet : ???
    • Decorations : ???


June :

  • Jun 22nd 17h (GMT) : a new event "Book of Secrets 2" Lost Journal, available at the 3rd TradePost panel at Ghost Ship Cove for 20x Ghost Doublon. The final reward is Greybeard's Eye Deco Spooky Compass
  • Jun 22nd 0h : a new decoration : Henry's Fortune and GloryHenrysFortuneOn
  • June 15th-30th, another special event The Grand Sandcastle Deco Summer SandCastle final
    SandCastle-start en
    • Complete Tradepost orders to earn Sand Dollars Sand Dollar which you can feed to your summer sandcastle
    • The social currency is Tokens of Friendship (Puka shells) Puka which you can use to buy special event items at the Bazaar
    • Help your fellow Trademasters by dropping Buckets of Sand Sand bucket onto their sandcastles
  • From June 15th : A special promotion for Sandy mole Summer Mole
  • June 9th : Special It's Raining Doubloons! event for 3 days.
  • June 9th : A new relic : Archer Deco Archer
  • From June 7th, for 15 days, the Book of SecretsLost Journal will be available in Trade Panel 3 at Ghost Ship Cove for 30x Ghost Doublon, but only if you did not buy it the first time round. Otherwise you will be offered Ghostly Treasure for 1x Ghost Doublon.
  • June 1st to 8th : Tradefest, Grand Prize Manta RayMantaRay
  • May 30th - June 11th : A promotional Summer Aloha OtterSummer Otter for 700 Gems

Past Events

See Past Events page.

Game updates

See Game Updates page.

The most recent islands

Wishing Wellspring Island Island wishingwell with the Croaking Spring WishingFrog and Wish Tokens.


If you have any questions on how to contribute to this wiki, please contact me [3].

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