Mai is a Merchant Trader who resides on Chameleon Cove, which is home to the RainbowFruit Rainbow Fruit. Mai also sells SeaglassBasket Seaglass, Cloth Cloth, Lemon Lemon,

and Barrel Barrel. You may also find Gems Gems on Chameleon Cove.


Mai is an easy-going trader who has a fondness for chameleons (after reaching relationship Level 10, she will give you the Rainbow_Chameleon, a pet), rainbows and RainbowFruit Rainbow Fruit


Mai captains a very small boat, filled with exotic fruit for trade.


Mai appears to be of Asian descent. Her black hair is kept half-up in a small pony tail. She appears to be wearing a yellow top (only her head is shown).

Relationship Levels Reputation
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Points to Next Level 30 50 80 120 400 600 1000 1400 2000 5000

Mai Quotes

As Merchant Trader at Docks:

  • It's a fine day for trading, don't you think?
  • Hello, there! Your little seaport is looking lovely!
  • Everyone's talking about Paradise Bay!
  • I'm in the market for a few specialty items. I'm hoping you can help me...
  • Paradise Bay, at last! I can't wait to do some trading!

On her Island :

  • Isn't Chameleon Cove the loveliest place? Of course I love your island, too.
  • A few of my favorite things? Rainbows, kittens... Rainbow kittens! And chameleons, of course.
  • What's pink, blue, red, orange, green, yellow, purple and turquoise? A chameleon!
  • Chameleons make excellent pets. I have dozens of them. In all colors!
  • Why do chameleons live on Chameleon Cove? Maybe because we named it after them.
  • Paradise Bay is amazing. Also wonderful and marvelous. Oh, and delightful.
  • I guess there are things I could be worrying about. I just really like being happy a lot better.
  • Chameleons live in trees, and they love to swim. Me, too! The swimming, not the part about the tree.
  • Isn't Finn sweet? Okay, not sweet exactly, but he has many fine qualities. I'm sure he does.
  • You're such an excellent Trademaster. I really don't know how this place got along without you.
  • Roses are red, chameleons are,,, red...Oh, I give up.
  • My little island is perfect. And remarkable. Did I already say perfect?
  • Pike is the dearest man, don't you think? Some people think he's gruff. Silly, huh?
  • All my friends who aren't chameleons live on other islands, but why be sad about that? I can visit!
  • Rainbow fruit is one of my favorite things. Colorful, delicious, and loaded with vitamins!
  • I'm writing a book on all the uses for Rainbow Fruit. Maybe George can help me.
  • Without Keani, we'd never make a success of Paradise Bay. And you, of course!
  • I'm happy about a lot of things. Like the fact that chameleons don't eat Rainbow Fruit.
  • Am I this happy all the time? Well, sometimes I'm asleep.
  • Friends, chameleons, all the Rainbow Fruit I can eat—of course I'm happy!
  • Thanks for helping me with my trades, Trademaster. You are one of my favorite things.
  • Chameleon Cove isn't very big, but there are plenty of things here to trade. Look around.
  • Things that make me happy? Sleeping under the stars and a trade that's good for everyone.
  • What makes me happy? The ocean, seashells, and nice folks like you, Trademaster.
  • What a simply stunning day! Just like most every other day!
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