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Level 1-10

Level 1
15 Goodwill to
next level
Level 2
40 Goodwill to
next level
Level 3
70 Goodwill to
next level
Level 4
100 Goodwill to
next level
Level 5
150 Goodwill to
next level
Avatar-Keani Keani
IslandWorkshop Island Workshop
FishingNet Net
Fish Fish
Cotton Cotton
Turtle Turtle
BuildMenu-Plots Fields x6
Gems Gems x50

BuildMenu-Plots Fields x3
Bamboo Bamboo x3

Avatar-Finn Finn
Weaver Weaver
HeavyRope Heavy Rope

Woodshop Woodshop
Board Board
Turtle Turtle

Thread Thread
Shrimp Shrimp
Pineapple Pineapple x3
BuildMenu-Plots Fields x3

Level 6
200 Goodwill
Level 7
300 Goodwill
Level 8
450 Goodwill
Level 9
650 Goodwill
Level 10
900 Goodwill
Avatar-Wesley Wesley
D MD-shop Wesley’s Exports
TikiBar Tiki Bar
PineappleJuice Pineapple Juice

Grill Grill
SearedAhiTuna Grilled Fish
Turtle Turtle
BuildMenu-Plots Fields x3
DecorationRoadDirt Dirt Path

Cloth Cloth
GrilledPineapple Grilled Pineapple
Coffee Coffee x3
DecorationHedge Hedge
DecorationHedgeGate Hedge Gate

Mole Mole
Backpack Backpack
IronOre Iron Ore
DecorationFenceWoodStraight Wood Fence
DecorationFenceWoodGate Wood Gate

D FG-boat Merchant Ships
IslandWorkshop Island Workshop
ArrBucks Arr’Bucks
Espresso Espresso
Coconut Coconut
DecorationFlowerPot1 Orange Flower

Level 1-10 Mill/Resource Costs

IslandWorkshop Island Workshop (1st) 0Gold @ Level 1
Turtle Turtle (1st) 5Gold @ Level 1
Weaver Weaver 5Gold @ Level 3
Woodshop Woodshop 75Gold @ Level 4
Turtle Turtle (2nd) 25Gold @ Level 4
TikiBar Tiki Bar 150Gold @ Level 6
Grill Grill (1st) 250Gold @ Level 7
Turtle Turtle (3rd) 200Gold @ Level 7
Mole Mole 250Gold @ Level 9
ArrBucks Arr’Bucks 500Gold @ Level 10
IslandWorkshop Island Workshop (2nd) 1500 Gold @ Level 10

Level 11-20

Level 11
1,150 Goodwill
Level 12
1,500 Goodwill
Level 13
1,900 Goodwill
Level 14
2,400 Goodwill
Level 15
3,000 Goodwill
CoconutMilk Coconut Milk
CrabNet Crab
Turtle Turtle
BuildMenu-Plots Fields x3
DecorationFlowerPot2 White Flower

World Market World Market
Blacksmith Blacksmith
Mole Mole
Needle Needle
Vanilla Vanilla
DecorationBloomingFlower Blooming Flower

Barrel Barrel

VanillaLatte Vanilla Latte

Lemon Lemon
BuildMenu-Plots Fields x3
DecorationFenceBambooStraight Bamboo Fence
DecorationFenceBambooGate Bamboo Gate

IslandOutfitters Island Outfitters
TropicalShirt Tropical Shirt
DecorationFishFountain Fish Fountain

BuildMenu-Recipes Bazaar
GrilledShrimp Grilled Shrimp
Sail Sail
Sandals Sandals
Pomegranate Pomegranate
DecorationRoadStone Stone Road

Level 16
3,650 Goodwill
Level 17
4,450 Goodwill
Level 18
5,350 Goodwill
Level 19
6,350 Goodwill
Level 20
7,500 Goodwill
Social Karma
Otter Otter
Raft Bamboo Raft
Basket Basket
SeaglassBasket Seaglass
BuildMenu-Plots Fields x3
DecorationFenceStoneStraight Stone Fence
DecorationFenceStoneGate Stone Gate

MapTable Map Table
Sarong Sarong
SugarCane Sugar Cane
Nails Nails
DecorationFancyPalm Palm Tree

Turtle Turtle
SoupPot Soup Pot
CrabStew Crab Stew
DecorationCrateAndBarrels Crate & Barrels

FishStew Fish Stew
PomegranatePunch Pomegranate Punch
BuildMenu-Plots Fields x3
DecorationPirateSignpost Sign Post

Avatar-Clara Clara
Dive Seal Dives
PowderKeg Powder Keg
SilverOre Silver Ore
Chili Chili Pepper
Mole Mole
DecorationFancyFatPalm Large Palm Tree

Level 11-20 Mill/Resource Costs

Turtle Turtle (4th) 1500Gold @ Level 11
Blacksmith Blacksmith 750Gold @ Level 12
Mole Mole (2nd) 1,500Gold @ Level 12
IslandOutfitters Island Outfitters 1,500Gold @ Level 14
Otter Otter (1st) 500Gold @ Level 16
SoupPot Soup Pot 2,000Gold @ Level 17
Turtle Turtle (5th) 5,000Gold @ Level 18
Mole Mole (3rd) 8,000Gold @ level 20

Level 21-30

Level 21
8,850 Goodwill
Level 22
10,300 Goodwill
Level 23
11,950 Goodwill
Level 24
13,750 Goodwill
Level 25
15,800 Goodwill
Glassworks Glassworks
Bottle Bottle
StainedGlass Stained Glass
Otter Otter
DecorationFlowerBed1 Flower Bed

Lens Lens
Seashells Seashells
BuildMenu-Plots Fields x3
DecorationBarrelPlanter Barrel Planter

FruitSmoothie Fruit Smoothie
IcedCoffee Iced Coffee
ShellNecklace Shell Necklace
Blueberries Blueberries
DecorationLoungeChair Lounge Chair

Mole Mole
Jeweler Jeweller
SilverNecklace Silver Necklace
DecorationDolphinTopiary Dolphin Topiary

SpicyFishStew Spicy Fish Stew
SpicyShrimp Spicy Grilled Shrimp
BuildMenu-Plots Fields x3

Level 26
18,000 Goodwill
Level 27
20,450 Goodwill
Level 28
23,150 Goodwill
Level 29
26,100 Goodwill
Level 30
29,250 Goodwill
GoldOre Gold Ore
Rice Rice
GoldRing Gold Ring

ParadiseMusic Paradise Music
Turtle Turtle
BambooFlute Bamboo Flute
DecorationFlowerBed2 Flower Garden

ConchTrumpet Conch Trumpet
SeaweedBasket Seaweed
BuildMenu-Plots Fields x3

Cutlery Cutlery
Earrings Earrings

Otter Otter
SushiBar Sushi Bar
SalmonNigiri Salmon Nigiri

Level 21-30 Mill/Resource Costs

Glassworks Glassworks 9,000Gold @ Level 21
Otter Otter (2nd) 7000Gold @ Level 21
Mole Mole (4th) 12,000Gold @ Level 24
Jeweler Jeweller 15,000Gold @ Level 24
Turtle Turtle (6th) 15,000Gold @ Level 27
ParadiseMusic Paradise Music 28,000Gold @ Level 27
SushiBar Sushi Bar 35,000Gold @ Level 30
Otter Otter (3rd) 15,000Gold @ Level 30

Level 31-40

Level 31
32,750 Goodwill
Level 32
36,500 Goodwill
Level 33
40,550 Goodwill
Level 34
44,900 Goodwill
Level 35
49,600 Goodwill
CrabRoll Crab Roll
SkeletonKey Golden Skeleton Key
Wheat Wheat
BuildMenu-Plots Fields x3
DecorationFishingTackle Fishing Tackle

Sloth Sloth
Bucket Bucket
MushroomBasket Mushrooms
DecorationTikiLamp Tiki Lamp

Otter Otter
Tinker Tinker
Lantern Lantern
ShipInABottle Ship in a Bottle

Compass Compass
ShrimpTempuraRoll Shrimp Tempura Roll
Cacao Cacao
BuildMenu-Plots Fields x3

Mole Mole
SeaweedSoup Seaweed Soup
Ukulele Ukulele

DecorationFancyHedge1 Fancy Hedge

Level 36
54,650 Goodwill
Level 37
60,050 Goodwill
Level 38
65,800 Goodwill
Level 39
71,950 Goodwill
Level 40
78,550 Goodwill
TastyBakery Tasty Bakery
BlueberryPie Blueberry Pie
RainbowRoll Rainbow Roll
Rose Rose

Sloth Sloth
ChocolateChipCookies Chocolate Chip Cookie
HoneyBucket Honey
BuildMenu-Plots Fields x3

Bracelet Bracelet
SpicyMocha Spicy Mocha
SpyGlass Spyglass

BrilliantBlossoms Brilliant Blossoms
Roses Resplendent Roses
SteelDrum Steel Pan Drums

DarkChocolate Dark Chocolate
FlowerArrangement Radiant Arrangement
Magnolia Magnolia Blossoms
BuildMenu-Plots Fields x3

Level 31-40 Mill/Resource Costs

Sloth Sloth (1st) 15,000Gold @ Level 32
Tinker Tinker 45,000Gold @ Level 33
Otter Otter (4th) 25,000Gold @ Level 33
Mole Mole (5th) 24,000Gold @ Level 35
TastyBakery Tasty Bakery 60,000Gold @ Level 36
Sloth Sloth (2nd) 35,000Gold @ Level 37
BrilliantBlossoms Brilliant Blossoms 80,000Gold @ Level 39

Level 41-50

Level 41
85,500 Goodwill
Level 42
92,950 Goodwill
Level 43
100,800 Goodwill
Level 44
109,150 Goodwill
Level 45
118,000 Goodwill
Mole Mole
IronBar Iron Bar
SapBucket Sap

Sloth Sloth
Grill Grill(2nd)
GrilledMushroom Grilled Mushrooms
MixedBouquet Sunrise Bouquet
Syrup Syrup

DiveShop Dive Shop
Snorkel Snorkel
BuildMenu-Plots Fields x3

SharkCage Shark Cage
VanillaSmoothie Vanilla Smoothie

DiveHelm Dive Helmet
LittleSub Mini Sub
BuildMenu-Plots Fields x3

Level 46
127,350 Goodwill
Level 47
137,200 Goodwill
Level 48
147,550 Goodwill
Level 49
158,500 Goodwill
Level 50
170,000 Goodwill
Otter Otter
Mirror Hand Mirror
Mango Mango

ArtSupply Art Supply
PaintPalette Paint Palette
Canvas Canvas

Charcoal Charcoal
BuildMenu-Plots Fields x3

CharcoalPencil Charcoal Pencil
Sketchbook Sketch Book

IslandCreamery Island Creamery
FruitSorbet Taste of Paradise
MapleCrunch Maple Chunk

Level 41-50 Mill/Resource Costs

Mole Mole (6th) 75,000Gold @ Level 41
Sloth Sloth (3rd) 70,000Gold @ Level 42
Grill Grill (2nd) 175,000Gold @ Level 42
DiveShop Dive Shop 150,000Gold @ Level 43
Otter Otter (5th) 100,000Gold @ Level 46
ArtSupply Art Supply 175,000Gold @ Level 47
IslandCreamery Island Creamery 200,000Gold @ Level 50

Level 51-60

Level 51
182,100 Goodwill
Level 52
194,800 Goodwill
Level 53
208,150 Goodwill
Level 54
222,100 Goodwill
Level 55
236,750 Goodwill
Glass Beads Glass Beads
Wooden Abacus Wooden Abacus
Lavender Lavender
Lavender Tea Lavender Tea

BuildMenu-Plots Fields x3
Beauty Spa Sita's Spa
Seaweed Mask Seaweed Mask
Soothing Serum Soothing Serum

Ice Cream Sandwich Cookie Delight
Bath Bombs Relaxing Bath Bomb
Sloth Sloth

BuildMenu-Plots Fields x3
Spicy Chocolate Kickin' Cacao
PirateHat Pirate Hat
Hat Shop The Happy Hatter

Sugar Scrub Exfoliating Body Scrub
Sun Hat Sun Hat
Otter Otter

Level 56
252 050 Goodwill
Level 57
268 050 Goodwill
Level 58
284 750 Goodwill
Level 59
302 200 Goodwill
Level 60
320,400 Goodwill
Banana Banana
Banana split Banana Split
Fedora Fedora

Diner Diner
Banana Pancakes Banana Pancakes
Mango Crepes Mango Crepes

Sloth Sloth
Pineapple Cake Pineapple Cake
Lovely Lavender Lovely Lavender

MusicBox Music Box
French Toast Vanilla French Toast

BuildMenu-Plots Fields x3
Blueberry Waffles Blueberry Waffles
Adventure Jacket Adventurer's Jacket
TopHat TopHat

Level 51-60 Mill/Resource Costs

Beauty Spa Sita's Spa 200,000Gold @ level 52
Sloth Sloth 70,000Gold@ level 53
Hat Shop The Happy Hatter 200,000Gold @ level 54
Otter Otter 100,000Gold @ level 55
Banana Banana 400Gold @ level 56
Diner Diner 200,000Gold @ level 57
Sloth Sloth 70,000Gold @ level 58

Level 61-70

Level 61
326,500 Goodwill
Level 62
332,700 Goodwill
Level 63
339,000 Goodwill
Level 64
345,400 Goodwill
Level 65
351,900 Goodwill
Simply Vanilla Just Vanilla
Bento Box Bento Box
Lemon Scrub Lemon Scrub

Spinning Yarns Spinning Yarns (Mill)
Yelln' Yellow Yelln' Yellow
Poppn' Pomegranate Poppn' Pomegranate

Beaded Necklace Beaded Necklace
Knitting Needles Knitting Needles

Sloth Sloth
Tapestry Tapestry
Perfectly Purple Perfectly Purple

BuildMenu-Plots Fields x3
Cowbell Cowbell
Gorgeous Green Gorgeous Green

Level 66
358,500 Goodwill
Level 67
365,200 Goodwill
Level 68
372,000 Goodwill
Level 69
378,900 Goodwill
Level 70
0 Goodwill
Grapes Grapes
Fragrant Lei Fragrant Lei
Fruit Platter Fruit Platter

Sweet Jams Sweet Jams (Mill)
Grape Jelly Grape Jelly
Chili Mango Marmalade Chili Mango Marmalade

BuildMenu-Plots Fields x3
Pomegranate Preserves Pomegranate Preserves

Fish Taco Fish Taco
Grape Tart Grape Tart
Energy Drink Energy Drink

Banana Honey Butter Banana Honey Butter
Gems Gems x20

Level 61-70 Mill/Resource Costs

Spinning Yarns Spinning Yarns 200,000Gold @ level 62
Sloth Sloth 70,000Gold @ level 64
Sweet Jams Sweet Jams 200,000Gold @ level 67

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