Delicious foods for all your furry, and not so furry, friends.
Obtain delicious pet treats for you and your friends.
PetFood Mill

Kibble Cafe is a Mill unlocked at Level 9 and that costs (Max 5x Mills) from 2nd : 50, 150, 250, 500 Gems, 1st one 500 Gold

Construction time : From 2nd : 5 min, 1st one : 1 hours.

What can be made with

  Recipe  Level   Time    Ingredients   Exp
 Friendly Treat
PetFood Friends
9 Goodwill 12h Clock 50 Gold 27 Goodwill not saleable Gold  
 Simple Snack
PetFood Sausage
9 Goodwill 30 mn Clock 50 Gold 3 Goodwill not saleable Gold  
 Tasty Treat
PetFood Premium
9 Goodwill 30 min Clock 500 Gold 3 Goodwill not saleable Gold  

The Tasty Treat is not activated yet; it will be unlocked for an event.
The Friendly Treat is specifically made to give to your friends' pets to help them level-up.

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