Music making machine.

Deco Jukebox

How to get

Grand Prize of the May 2017 TradeFest.


Prize for the May 2017 TradeFest along with Diner's Table and Gumball Machine decorations.

Making Records

It allows you to make 6x vinyl records (45s). Each takes 5 minutes to make, for 1 Gold) :

  • 1st: "Fish On The Line" by Barry Melonfonte Record Caribbean
  • 2nd: "Lei-z Days » by Sandy Shores Record Hula
  • 3rd: "No Seagull, No Fly » by Robert Marlin" Record Reggae
  • 4th: Coming soon Record Rock
  • 5th: Coming soon Record StrangeThings
  • 6th: Coming soon Record 8Bit

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