Island Creamery

Creates Delicious Ice Cream Treats

Island Creamery is a Mill unlocked at Level 50 and that costs 200,000 Gold
Construction time : 24 hours.

Bazaar Recipes for this Mill

Recipe MapleCrunch Maple Chunk Recipe
Recipe Spicy Chocolate Kickin' Cacao Recipe

Items that can be made

Item Lev Goodwill Time Clock Ingredients Sell price Gold
Min Def Max
Maple Chunk
MapleCrunch Shadow
50 30m 2x Vanilla Vanilla

1x Syrup Syrup
2x Cacao Cacao
2x Coconut Milk CoconutMilk

150 261 522
Taste of Paradise
FruitSorbet Shadow
50 20m 2x Pineapple Pineapple

1x Blueberries Blueberries
2x Mango Mango

40 69 138
Cookie Delight
Ice Cream Sandwich
IceCreamSandwich Shadow
53 20m 1x Chocolate Chip Cookie ChocolateChipCookies

1x Coconut Milk CoconutMilk
2x Vanilla Vanilla

67 117 233
Kickin' Cacao
Spicy Chocolate
SpicyChocolate Shadow
30 mn 2 Cacao Cacao

1x Chili Pepper Chili
1x Coconut Milk CoconutMilk

46 79 158
Banana Split
Banana split
BananaSplit Shadow
56 45 min 1x Banana Banana

2x Vanilla Vanilla 1x Cacao Cacao 1x Coconut Milk CoconutMilk

46 80 160
Just Vanilla
Simply Vanilla
IceCream Cone Shadow
61 20 min 3x Vanilla Vanilla

1x Coconut Milk CoconutMilk

28 48 97