Island Creamery

Creates Delicious Ice Cream Treats

Island Creamery is a Mill unlocked at Level 50 and that costs 200,000 Gold

Construction time : 24 hours.

Bazaar Recipes for this Mill

MapleCrunch Maple Chunk

What can be made with

  Recipe  Level   Time    Ingredients   Exp
 Maple Chunk
50 Goodwill 30m Clock 2 Vanilla Vanilla
1 Syrup Syrup
2 Cacao Cacao
2 Coconut Milk CoconutMilk
89 Goodwill 150 Gold 261 Gold 522 Gold 
 Taste of Paradise
50 Goodwill 20m Clock 2 Pineapple Pineapple
1 Blueberries Blueberries
2 Mango Mango
20 Goodwill 40 Gold 69 Gold 138 Gold 
 Cookie Delight
Ice Cream Sandwich
53 Goodwill 20m Clock Chocolate Chip Cookie ChocolateChipCookies
Coconut Milk CoconutMilk
2 Vanilla Vanilla
33 Goodwill 67 Gold 117 Gold 233 Gold 
 Kickin' Cacao
Spicy Chocolate
Goodwill 30 mn Clock 2 Cacao Cacao
Chili Pepper Chili
Coconut Milk CoconutMilk
23 Goodwill 46 Gold 79 Gold 158 Gold 
 Banana Split
Banana split
56 Goodwill 45 min Clock 1 Banana Banana
2 Vanilla Vanilla
1 Cacao Cacao
1 Coconut Milk CoconutMilk
23 Goodwill 46 Gold 80 Gold 160 Gold 
 Just Vanilla
Simply Vanilla
61 Goodwill 20 min Clock 3 Vanilla Vanilla
1 Coconut Milk CoconutMilk
14 Goodwill 28 Gold 48 Gold 97 Gold 

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