Available at level 16.

FlashFest is a three day Limited Timed Event hosted by Horatio Jasper. This is a short version (only 5 stages) of a regular TradeFest.

FlashFest operates in the same way as a regular TradeFest. See the TradeFest page for all the details.

FlashFest Rewards

June 24th-26th 2016

Rewards for the June 24-26, 2016 Event

Tier Required Points Reputation Reward
1 40 3x Upgrade-Pulley Pulley, 10 Social
2 100 3x Upgrade-Stilt Treehouse Stilt, 30 Social
3 220 2x PetFood Primo Pet Treats, 55 Social
4 500 Hula Dancer Hula dancer, 125 Social
5 1100 Surf shack Surf shack, 275 Social

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