How to get

This resource is unlocked at Level 1
This is an item harvested with NetFishingNet from TurtleTurtle
Fishing time : 2 min


This can also be offered at Angler IslandMap-AnglerIsland

Used to Make

 Recipe   Time   Ingredients 
Grilled Fish
10m Clock 1x Fish Fish
Fish Stew
1h30 Clock 2x Fish Fish

1x Lemon Lemon

Spicy Fish Stew
2h Clock 2x Fish Fish

1x Lemon Lemon
1x Chili Pepper Chili

Salmon Nigiri
10m Clock 6x Rice Rice

3x Fish Fish

Rainbow Roll
30 mn Clock 6x Rice Rice

3x Fish Fish
3x Seaweed SeaweedBasket

Bento Box
Bento Box
15 min Clock 6x Rice Rice<

2x Fish Fish
1x Lemon Lemon
2x Board Board

Fish Taco
Fish Taco
30 min Clock 1x Fish Fish

1x Honey HoneyBucket
1x Mango Mango
2x Wheat Wheat

Alternatively used for

Feeding Pet-KingCrab King Crab, Orca Orca, Shark Shark, Polar Bear Polar Brrr, Penguin Kingpin Penguin

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