Makes Dive Goods

Keani Full Anniversary

This mill must be placed in water.

Dive Shop is a Mill unlocked at Level 43 and that costs 150,000 Gold
Construction time : 24 hours.

Bazaar Recipes for this Mill

Recipe DiveHelm Dive Helmet Recipe, Recipe Diver goggles Dive Goggles Recipe

Items that can be made

Item Lev Goodwill Time Clock Ingredients Sell price Gold
Min Def Max
Snorkel Shadow
43 6h 1x Bamboo Bamboo

2x Sap SapBucket

87 151 302
Shark Cage
SharkCage Shadow
44 7h 6x Iron Bar IronBar 190 332 664
Mini Sub
LittleSub Shadow
45 9h 4x Iron Ore IronOre

4x Bamboo Bamboo
3x Lens Lens

136 237 475
Dive Helmet
DiveHelm Shadow
45 9 h 2x Silver Ore SilverOre

4x Seaglass SeaglassBasket
2x Nails Nails

152 266 531
Dive Goggles
Diver goggles
Diver goggles Shadow
73 2 h 2x Lens Lens

2x Cloth Cloth
4x Bamboo Bamboo

60 104 209