1. Gold coins
  2. Goodwill
  3. Prestige
  4. Prestige Stars
  5. Gems
  6. Karma
  7. Royal Clamshells
  8. Pearls
  9. Ghost Doubloons
  10. Lyrical Notes
  11. Social Gifts and Social Currencies

Gold coins Gold


This is the main currency of the game.

How to get

What's it used for ?

They allow you to buy different mills, objects, decorations, and upgrades as you progress through the game.

Goodwill Goodwill


This is your game experience currency

How to get

  • Making items at mills
  • Harvesting
  • Completing requests at the Trade Post
  • Completing boat trades at the Docks
  • Opening treasure chests
  • Tapping Wildlife
  • Feeding Pets
  • Completing seal dives and helping friends' dives
  • Feeding build/gathering event decorations
  • Clearing dead trees and bushes
  • Mill Mastery "XP Boost"
  • Goodwill is a possible reward for a Wish of Wisdom or Fate at Wishing Wellspring Island.
  • The Magical TowerDeco Wizard Tower

What's it used for ?

The more Goodwill you gain, the higher your XP Level can become and this allows you to unlock new mills, items, recipes, islands and storylines. The maximum level in the game is currently Level 75. See Levels for more information.

Prestige Prestige goodwill

Prestige goodwill

This is your game experience currency once you reach the maximum XP Level (currently Level 75).

How to get

Once the maximum XP Level is reached ( 75), you will start earning Prestige Prestige goodwill instead of Goodwill Goodwill; same sources as Goodwill above. The XP progress bar changes to a Prestige progress bar with a maximum of 15,000 Prestige goodwill.

What's it used for ?

Every 15,000 Prestige goodwill you earn a prestige star Etoile Prestige. See below.

Prestige Star Etoile Prestige

Etoile Prestige

This is your currency for purchase of Prestige items at the BazaarBazaar screen.

How to get

  • Each time you reach 15,000 Prestige goodwill you earn a prestige star Etoile Prestige.
  • Some pets award Prestige Stars when feeding after they reach their max rank.
  • Sometimes offered as a TradeFest tier reward.

What's it used for ?

Use prestige stars Etoile Prestige to buy Prestige level items from the BazaarBazaar screen. These currently include special Epic Decorations, additional trees and bushes, and other decor items.

There are 2 Epic decorations: Wesley and Sita's CampfireDeco Firepit and Finn's Sturdy CraftDeco FinnBoat. Each costs 75x Etoile Prestige (that's 1,125,000 Prestige goodwill).

Coming soon : a third decoration is in preparation for Clara, a Dig Site.

There are two other prestige decorations: the Wave Cut OutDeco BeachWave for 3x Etoile Prestige and the WaterslideDeco Water Slide for 30x Etoile Prestige. Plus the JukeboxDeco Jukebox is available for 30x Etoile Prestige (if you've not already purchased it!).

You can also buy extra trees and bushes which allow you to plant a fourth tree/bush above and beyond the 3 normal trees/bushes. Each extra tree/bush costs 5x Etoile Prestige.

Gems Gems


Gems are a very valuable resource in Paradise Bay.

How to get

  • Completing challenges during special events
  • Opening chests (daily maximum of 3x Gems)
  • Completing seal dives
  • From the Isle of the Giving Tree (3 to 5 every 16h)
  • Selling the unique resources of the neighboring islands to ship captains at The Docks
  • Gems are a possible reward for a Wish of Fortune or Fate at Wishing Wellspring Island.
  • From the Ad-Parrot (Island TV)
  • Leveling up (specific levels only - see Levels).
  • By buying via in-app purchase menu
  • The Magical TowerDeco Wizard Tower

What's it used for ?

Gems can help you to speed up ("rush"): the growth/collection of resources, the manufacturing of items, the wait time for new Trade Post or TradeFest orders, the wait time between pet feedings, Mill Mastery rank-ups. Gems are also used to open specific land expansions, to increase Mill production slots, and can be used to buy certain decorations, special Harvesters, additional helper seals, additional Kibble Cafe Mills, and sticker chests at the Pet Sanctuary.

Karma Social


Karma is a social currency unlocked at Level 16.

How to get

  • By visiting other players' islands and tapping their wildlife.
  • As a reward during seal dives (on your island or helping a friend)
  • By helping friends during build/gathering events (e.g. the Grand Egg Hunt).

What's it used for ?

Use Karma to buy clearing tools (axes, shears, sledgehammers) at the BazaarBazaar screen. Can also be used to buy special pet chests (normally 2,500x Social each) during special events (e.g. Relic Ruins Frenzy).

Royal Clamshells DiveCurrency


Royal Clamshells are the currency used for the Salvage ShopDive building at the Seal House.

How to get

  • Collect them as dive rewards from your own dives, helping friends, and friends helping you.
  • NOTE: There is a cap of 400 Clamshells. Once you have reached 400 clamshells dives will still give you other rewards, but not Clamshells.

What's it used for ?

Use Royal Clamshells to purchase ship parts (BYOS) and decorations at the Salvage ShopDive building

Pearls Pearl


Pearls are used for just a few actions within the game.

How to get

What's it used for ?

Use Pearls to purchase special recipes and decorations at the BazaarBazaar screen, to dismiss boat trades at the Docks and to feed the Kraken.

Ghost Doubloons Ghost Doublon

Ghost Doublon

Ghost Doubloons are used to make purchases at Ghost Ship Cove.

How to get

  • Collect Ghost Doubloons by trading with the Ghost Ship Captain at the Docks
    • Watch for "Double Doubloon" events during which the Ghost Ship Captain trades two doubloons per order rather than one, and the boat comes to the dock more frequently.
  • Blowing open the cave at Ghost Ship Cove
  • Opening an Eternal Ghost ChestDeco GhostShip Chest.
  • The Magical TowerDeco Wizard Tower
  • NOTE: Unlike most currencies Ghost Doubloons can be bought and sold in the World Market.

What's it used for ?

Ghost Doubloons are used to buy various items from the GhostShip Captain's trade panels at Ghost Ship CoveIsland Ghostship. See here Selling and here Schedule for the 3rd Trade Panel to see what is available!

Lyrical Notes Music Note

Music Note

Lyrical Notes were a special currency used to buy band members during the Paradise Bay Band event.

How to get

Trade with the captains of the small boats at the Docks (2-3 notes per boat).

What's it used for ?

Lyrical Notes were used to buy the following from the Bazaar :

  • Members of the Paradise Bay Band (one per month during April-June 2018)
  • Bronze Pet TicketBronze Ticket

Social Gifts and Social Currencies

During special construction/gathering events there is a temporary :

  • Social gift/present which Trademasters can give to other Trademasters
  • Social currency which Trademasters collect to buy special items at the Bazaar

How to get

The social gift/present is typically obtained each time the construction item is levelled up, from special "harvesters" purchased for Gems and/or paid-promotion, and may also be obtained from TradePost and boat orders, as well as chests/wildlife etc.

The social currency is typically obtained when giving and collecting social gifts to/from other Trademasters, but may also be obtained from TradePost and boat orders, as well as from chests/wildlife etc.

What's it used for ?

The social gift/present is given to other Trademasters to help their build item to level up, and to generate social currency for the giver.

The social currency is used to buy special items at the Bazaar :

  • Special event "booster" for the build item (e.g. "Sundries")
  • Event-related borders BuildMenu-Build and decorations BuildMenu-Decorations
  • Bronze Sticker Chest

See the various Social Presents. See the individual Category:Special Events pages for social currencies.